Update #2

It has been a week since we last posted a little update. We dropped our two first clips and a third one is coming up. The idea for the final movie is getting shaped and an after-party is being arranged. Are you ready for another epic Double Trouble party?


Up till now we cannot complain about the weather here in France. We might have got one rainy day but in general had the craziest sunsets, burning afternoon sun and the chilliest evening swim sessions.


At the moment we are settled in Biarritz, not so unfamiliar for the surfers among us. Camping Ilbarritz is probably one of the nicest campings we’ve been to so far. Our end destination is approaching but first we’ll be turning the nightlife in San Sebastian upside down. Thursday is the day on which both Boardx camps (Berria and Zarautz) meet in La terraza and Bataplan to have a great time and end their week of awesomeness with one hell of a party.

This week we had several unforgettable stops on our way to Zarautz. We went sandboarding on Dune du Pyla (or at least tried to), watched the ‘BK surf’ in Mimizan, went wind surfing and sailed on a catamaran at the Jeugd 2000 camp in Gastes. Last but not least we stopped in the beautiful world of girls, Hossegor! One crazy week, to say the least.”




The first week we did a lot of miles so now we’ve got the time to take things more slowly, chill, party, skateboard, enjoy, ….


Boardx, here we come! You’d better make the welcome party worthwhile ;)




Week 1

It’s the start of a new week, the sky may be a bit clouded but our music is blasting at the Ski-Line basecamp @ Ancenis, France. The atmosphere is awesome and we are ready to eat some French breakfast (maybe not so elaborate as the one we got from sugar mama Valerie). After one week of cycling it’s time to post an update/ revise the past week. We now have our laptops etc. and will try to post more regularly. Beneath you'll find some pictures to give you an impression of our trip. More will be dropping soon.

In the meanwhile our crew has been completed; Vincent De Saedeleer and Bill Caron (aka Vinny & Billy) brought some fresh energy into the trip. Sir5 told us to take care of our cameraman, give him more food, pay him more drinks, … We are extremely grateful to have Billy on board. He has been editing a small video clip that will be released one of these days.

It has been a rough week, both carrying heavy backpacks we managed to do a proper 760 km. I can assure you the burning sun and sour muscles killed us more than once.  And if your name is Jonathan Thijs, you’d better get a sun crème sponsor.

After, endless roads of cycling we make sure to take the necessary energy breaks and do some sightseeing in the different cities and villages.

The landscapes, nature and calm are often un-describable but all the haystacks are getting a bit boring. So we started several little challenges. For example the first person able to let a cow do ‘mhoee’ wins an inflatable crocodile. Let the games begin!

With the support vehicle arriving, we can finally have a decent night of sleep on a matrass. Vincent and Billy head off to arrange the sleeping resort while we are trying to catch up. 

The past two days we slept on the riverbanks of the Seine and la Loire, the perfect opportunity to test our canoe for the first time and have a surf session on two brand new Piranha surfboards.

Last time we even had a swimming pool with a slide. These things awaken your inner child!

Soon we’ll get to the coastline of France. But first there’s the stop at Nantes! Tomorrow it’s time for our first day-off. Nantes is a student city, which equals: Party!!!

Afterwards we’ll start going south! Bordeaux, Lacanau, Dune du Pyla, … and then Zarautz! Here we go!